Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cakes are all about the taste!! but when giving them as a gift they are also all about the look.  Today there are so many lovely boxes to package cakes and cupcakes but the costs do add up for the more fancy boxes.  We have therefore come up with a simple solution.....these fabulous tags.

These tags have been designed exclusively for us by Sweet Treats - Carlisle and they will liven up any plain cake box....we have a variety of colours and a mix of designs so people will never tire of seeing your fabulously packaged cupcakes.

Take a look - cupcake tags

Plunger Cutters

Well we have another great little product for you that is so simple but really really useful.

When these plunger cutters first arrived I really wasn't sure whether I would use them as I thought that there are so many other ways I could cut out circles.  BUT I use them all of the time.  They are so much quicker that using, for example, a nozzle to cut out circles of sugarpaste.  The small one is my favourite but they are all really useful.

Today I have used them for creating polka dots on a bow I am making and also for making eyes for my novelty cupcakes. 

There is also a set of square cutters - these are equally as useful because I have spent many an hour running around trying to find something square to cut around...because my free hand cutting skills don't ever seem to look the same from one cut out to another!!

So, if you're looking for some extra bits for your cake cupboard then take a look at will wonder how you ever got by without them.

Square Plunger Cutters

Round Plunger Cutters